Our Days in Paradise

The minute we stepped out of the airport the humidity hit our faces.  The warmth settled around us, and I felt like we were in an oven, considering we came from Berlin – and it was cold and raining there.

We went directly to the center of town, and headed into Old Town Corfu.  The buildings were rustic and pastel, and looked like they were right out of a movie.  There were clothing lines connected across small alleyways, everything had cute wooden shudders, and  little tables outside of adorable cafes.


—Old Town Corfu—

We came across a restaurant where everyone spoke Greek, so it must be legit, right?  Well we grabbed a table under an olive vine covering, if thats not greek enough for you, and we chose our food.  A pasta type dish filled with meat, and another meat dish served with gallons of fries.  One thing we noticed here is that fries are served with EVERYTHING.  gyros, souvlaki, and even my breakfast omelette.  But we weren’t exactly complaining, either.

We continued to explore Old Town, and then Liston – the more upscale, modern area.  The area was nice, but we definitely preferred the picturesque old town.  We walked into the famous Rose’s bakery, which is this little bakery owned by a woman who bakes all day and fills every inch of her place with pans of fresh pastries.  We went in to find two pigeons flying around her shop, and so we avoided the pastries by the birds, but we still ordered a bunch from her other section.  Maybe questionable clean-wise, but, whatever.  Each pastry was still SO good.  Like the Nutella puff pastry covered in honey and sugar:)

The next day, we headed over to Palaistrikstra.  This place is actually the most beautiful place I have ever seen, and it makes you realize just how amazing nature can be.   The water is light blue and clear, and the hills nearby made this place paradise.  We had lunch at a place overlooking the water, and we relaxed while we gorged on cappuccinos, greek salad, and salmon burgers.  The Greek salad was so light and crispy and was topped with the most creamy, amazing cheese in the world.


—Best Salad Ever—

We laid our towels on the rocky sand and tanned (I was caked in sunscreen, because the sun and I have a complicated relationship) while Will baked like a cookie.  Once we were sun-soaked, we ran to the water – only to find out that it is freezing.  One of the coldest waters I have ever been in!  We stuck it out for a little while, and I got up the courage to actually dunk my head in, but eventually it was too much.


From there, we went to a sailing club back in Liston.  It was had swanky music, a beautiful view, and amazing food.  We ordered smoothies and drinks, and relaxed there for the rest of the day.


—William at the Sailing Club in Old Town—

For dinner, we went to pane e souvlaki.  This was the absolute best thing we ate on this trip.  We ordered chicken kebabs with fries and dip.  The chicken was so tender and juicy and the sauce it came with was so delicious, we couldn’t get enough.  I will dream about this meal forever!  From there, as if we didn’t eat all we could, we found a gelato place.  It had seriously cool flavors, like  kinder bueno, crunch, cookies, apple pie, and nutella.  Will claims this is the best he has ever had, and I just might agree.  We went back two more times on our trip!

The next day, we took a cruise to the blue lagoon.  The views from the boat trip were so pretty, and we sat with our legs hanging out of the boat while it rode, and we felt like we were flying.  We got to see the caves, and stopped in this swimming area that had a bunch of yachts and sail boats. After stopping here, we went directly to the blue lagoon – a place that looked like this.  The pictures don’t give it justice.


—Blue Lagoon—

Our last day we spent back at the sailing club, because it was really amazing the first time we went.  We ordered greek yogurt parfaits (the greek yogurt in greece is 110% better than the greek yogurt in US), smoothies, coffee, and some other treats.  Relaxing there, we both didn’t want to leave this paradise, and we promised we would someday come back here.  I didn’t want to leave the most beautiful place in the world.  But, as we flew back home to Berlin, we saw the same beauty looking out the window, at the clouds and in being together.  Beauty is all around us, we just have to see it.

IMG-9063.jpg—REAL Greek Yogurt—

And next up…PRAGUE!


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  1. HI, Paige! Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my post on combating a sedentary lifestyle. I am enjoying my visit to yours. Corfu sounds fascinating to a guy who has never been there. I do enjoy Greek food. Have a great weekend!

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