How to spend 3 days in London

London is a huge, busy city, and fitting in a good mix of tourist musts and local hangouts is hard for anyone to plan.
But it is totally worth it!
We spent three great days here, and had an absolute blast.
We started out in Notting Hill the first morning, to check out the amazing Portobello Market. On the weekends, you will find every type of international food stands possible, and you will have a hard time choosing…or be like us and try five different ones for a light breakfast!  From huge pans of sizzling indian cuisine to nutella stuffed donuts to Doner Kebabs (nice to see our favorite food there!), it will be an experience for sure.
—Our Nutella Donut—
Apart from the food, there are a number of jewelry and clothing stands, but I would only recommend looking for a little while – for us, the food here was the main draw!
Next, I would definitely recommend walking to Kensington Palace.  Make sure to walk through the residential palace garden neighborhood first to see all of the amazing mansions and beautiful tree-lined streets.  There is barely anyone there, and it is a nice break from the busy streets.
When you get to the palace, make sure to spend a good amount of time around the gardens.  There is amazing beauty there, and it is a really beautiful place to relax.  Be ready to cash out 25 pounds each for a chance to see the inside of the palace, but, we heard that it wasn’t quite worth it, so we skipped it.  For us, the gardens were enough – the entire place smelled of roses and everything was pristine.
—Palace Gardens—
Close by is the amazing Buckingham Palace.  I would 10/10 recommend seeing this place – and it was definitely our favorite thing to see here in London.  The area around it is also really beautiful, and is right next to a giant park to walk around in.
Once you get, if you are looking for the most amazing fish and chips restaurant, head over to Rock and Sole, as it one of the oldest traditional fish and chips places, and is unparalleled to anything we expected from this dish. Tip: Go heavy on the sauce, it is truly amazing.
—Rock and Sole—
After this, in only a few steps, you will be in the adorable Neal’s Yard, a fabulous place to have a drink in a hidden area that looks like a storybook alleyway, complete with twinkle lights and pastel buildings.  There are also a lot of cool looking places to eat there if fish and chips aren’t your thing.
The next morning, we woke up early to have a traditional english breakfast.  The breakfast was cheap and delicious, with fried egg, toast, tea, bacon, beans, hash browns, and mushrooms, all for under 7 pounds each.  The places that serve these dishes up are plentiful and all great.
From here, take a double-decker red bus to Westminster Abbey, to see one of the most beautiful architectures in the world.  After spending some time here, you should continue to Westminster Palace, and the Big Ben.  But, if you, like William, have a dream of seeing the Big Ben, and that is why you came to London, expect to see it under construction for the next few years. Or, like Will, ignore the scaffolds and just pretend!
IMG-7390 copy.JPG
—William holding in his emotions about the Big Ben—
Now, if you want to taste something amazing, and I mean probably the best food I have ever tasted, head over to Italian restaurant Locale for their carbonara.  The taste was unreal, and I don’t think I will ever be happy with another spaghetti ever again!


—Carbonara from Locale—
From there, splurge a little on tickets to the London Eye (they are surprisingly expensive), for a view of the entire city.  Will and I agree this was the best experience of the trip, and is definitely something worth doing.  You may have to battle others in the capsule for the best place to view from, but everyone ended up happy with their ride.
To finish, head over to the famous La Gelateria for gourmet ice cream like you’ve never had before.  From flavors of chocolate chili to Ace Vitamins, you will be surprised at which flavors you want more and more of.  Be ready to wait in a line for it, but also be ready to come back after you finish the first round of cones.
The last day, we chose to see a museum (it is London, after all!) And we decided on the British Museum.  This museum is abolsutely huge, and it’s completely free.  It took us several hours and we definitely didn’t come close to seeing everything inside, but there is a guide of the top things to see there, and, following that, we were definitely pleased.  From the Rosetta Stone to the Greek Parthenon Ruins, you will feel a lot more cultured after a trip here.
Lastly, make time to see the Tower of London.  It is huge, sprawling, and an amazing piece of history.  Come early, because the last tour is at 5pm, and it not something to miss.  It is even so great that later that night there was a royal event there!  It is something to see, for sure.
Overall, London is a great place, and three days here can be spent in a number of ways.  From the great food to the insanely beautiful architecture and history, London is something to have on your travel list for sure.

And now, on to Greece!


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